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Laundromat Business Plan}

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laundromat business plan



Spectrum Garment Finishing Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Since in the year 1985, is a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Industrial Washing Machines, Pressing Machines, Laundry Machines, Hydro Extractors, Drying Tumblers, Dry Cleaning Machines, Washer Extractors, Flat Bed Press, Flat Work Ironer, Stain Removing Machines and Steam Finishing Machines, etc. With over 25 years of engineering expertise, one can be assured of getting the best equipment in the market that will meet the needs of today and the future.

Our products include much more than just Washing, Dry Cleaning and Finishing Equipments. We deal into a quality range of Industrial Washing Machine, Pressing Machines, Dyeing Machines, Hydro Extractors, Tumble Dryer, Dry Cleaning Machines, Washer Extractors, Flat Bed Press, Flat Work Ironer, Stain Removing Machines and Steam Finishing Machines, etc.

Today’s commercial washing machine can come in a complete range of sizes from 5 kg to 120 kg so they are small enough or large enough for most applications. The smaller units are ideal for small individualcustomers or product lines but surprisingly a customer can soon become large enough to use the larger units on the market. It is often worthwhile using a larger machine as they are able to deal with large items such as duvets and bedspreads where to weight and size of the item is such that it can be easily dealt with rather than being crammed unsuccessfully into a smaller machine where the quality of the wash is very poor.

The larger machines are very quick in the production rates of the operation and can deliver the clothes in the right condition for the nextstage of the process. The advantage of this is that the operators can keep up with the production targets whilst the energy and labour costs are very low because of the speed of operation. One of the major items is the use of water and the deposit of waste water and detergents and soiled products into the waste system. The smaller this becomes the better as the restrictions can only become more intense in the future. These latest machines are excellent in the way that they have been built to reduce the amounts of water and detergents required. The waterless washing machine is not with us yet but there are several research operations where it is possible to remove the water usage to a trickle. Lifting large quantities is a problem but this can be resolved by the introduction of a tilting device. This can virtually empty the washer but is generally used as a help to assist the unloading process.

Consider getting a good soap and detergent dispenser, the latest are very effective in injecting the correct amount of liquid soap or detergent into the wash. The whole programme of the wash and the fluid injection can be programmed into the washer by computer. There are usually some 80 plus programmes and these can be downloaded from computer. Because it can be expected that at times the washer is going to get soiled there are a number of sluice thermal disinfectant programmes that can be used to return the unit to full production. This enables the operators to carry out a very wide range of products without detriment to the equipment or the production cycles.

Laundry 365 are experts in the Commercial Laundry Equipment andWashing Machines industry and a leading manufacturer with over 40 years experience. Laundry 365 are also experts in the field of soap injection systems.


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