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Surgery Abroad Medical Travel In Estonia}

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Submitted by: Mihkel Adamson

Estonia is a small country in the Baltics but it is slowly yet consistently becoming a more important member of the European Union, so the image of Estonia as an original and progressing country is also becoming more visible to a wider audience, including the people who are seeking opportunities to travel abroad for treatment.

Medical tourism has been a part of Estonian health care for at least 10 years, but in the last few years we have seen a significant growth in this sector. Of course, medical treatment abroad has recently gained vast popularity globally, so it is only natural to see the growing number of foreign patients in Estonia as well. Most of the patients come to Estonia for cosmetic & plastic surgery and we can say that with this field of medical treatment medical tourism in Estonia was started. In the last couple of years weight loss surgery, dental treatment, orthopaedics and laser eye have become more and more popular for foreign patients.

The quality of medical care in Estonia is high and the prices are very affordable primarily due to low costs of labour. According to a poll carried out in collaboration with the European Commission and a Swedish organization called Health Consumer Powerhouse in 2008, Estonia ranked 11th in the hierarchy of the most patient-friendly health systems in Europe. In terms of prices and quality, Estonia was number one.

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Estonia has a lot to offer to medical tourists. Devoted and experienced specialists are the heart of medical tourism in Estonia. The country attracts millions of tourists every year to see the beauty it has to offer including the best preserved and intact medieval city in Europe Tallinn. Medical tourists now have the opportunity to see Estonia from one more angle from inside the operating theatre.

There are several medical providers in Estonia focused on treating foreign patients. Depending on the type of treatment, there are often not so many people in Estonia who can afford to pay for the treatment so medical tourists are very welcome here. And the population of Estonia is only 1,4 million people so this makes medical tourists even more of an interest to Estonias medical providers. But this is of course a good thing doctors are learning foreign languages and thinking of new ways to improve their service to please their customers. So, it is a win-win situation.

There are also a couple of medical travel agencies in Estonia working side by side with medical providers. This makes things easier for both sides and medical providers can focus on what they do best executing procedures. And medical travel agencies can focus on what they do best as well taking care of all the organizing, customer relations, hotel and flight bookings etc.

Estonia has a lot of potential for being an attractive destination for medical tourists and recent developments show that the interest towards Estonia is growing constantly. If medical providers and medical travel agencies keep working on improving their service I am sure Estonia will reach its goals.

About the Author: Mihkel Adamson is a partner at The Health Clinic – a medical travel agency in Estonia collaborating with the leading specialists in cosmetic & plastic surgery, weight loss surgery, orthopaedics, dental treatment and laser eye surgery. For more information, please visit



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