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Effective Beyblade Maintenance Tips}

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Submitted by: Britany Holmes

A Beyblade can give us sentimental value particularly if it has won us several battles or was presented with by way of a particular someone. Hence, we should keep playing with it as long as it may are able to. Nonetheless, they are really beyond indestructible, having been come across the stresses and abuses of bey battles. Its components, such as the electricity wheel, fusion wheel, face bolt, spin top and gratification tip, could get chipped, cracked, or worse, smashed into smithereens. A broken component can negatively affect the performance of a bey during battles.By making use of some super glue, we can repair our broken plastic Beyblades component so we can use them again in battles. Those chips and glue marks will still only perform the duties of battle scars that will a lot more endear these fighting spinning tops to us. Here are some simple tips on how to repair a Beyblade.

1. Disassemble the Beyblade. Always be careful not to lose any broken parts.

2. Take the broken plastic components trying to fit the two parts back together like you would a jigsaw puzzle. If the crack matches and there is no large missing part, you can still fix the damage. If a large chunk of the component is missing, you might need to buy a replacement part.

3. Get a tube of fast acting and quick drying glue. Put some on the component’s broken parts and put them together. Hold the two fragments firmly together until the glue dries. Avoid getting glue on your fingers and hand as the adhesive is very strong and could be difficult to remove.

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4. When the glue has completely set, remove excess glue by grinding it off with an emery board. You should definitely sand away only the excess adhesive and not the plastic part.

5. Put the Beyblade together again and try to spin it with the launcher. Observe if the bey is spinning properly. If it does, you may use it again in battles. If the broken component breaks again at the same place, you might need to change it with an all new part. Remember that a repaired bey might have lost its integrity and may be unwise to use in a tournament.

6. For fixing a broken metal component, you may want to ask the help of an adult or someone who is familiar in using a soldering iron. Take the broken metal fragments and place them in a holder such that the cracked surfaces are jointly touching.

7. Gently solder the two parts together and wait for it to cool down. Then, turn the metal component over and solder the other side. Wait for the soldered parts to cool completely before reassembling the Beyblade. Launch the Beyblade to test it. Try to discover the actual way it performs by having an opponent. If it breaks at the same place again, damages must be beyond repair and you will need to replace the component with a brand new one.

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